Discussion Articles

Discussion Articles

Discussion articles aim to promote a dialogue around real-world implications of neuroscience. They may focus on how neuroscience affects our daily lives, provide perspectives on neuroscience-related ethical issues or comment on hot neuroscience topics.

Give your Brain the Gift of Christmas


It’s that time of year again…The heating finally goes on and our once empty hallways are decorated with scarves, coats and muddied boots. A warm cloud of breath escapes the mouth as we stroll down avenues of naked trees, occasionally catching a glimpse of that familiar, glittery fern in a bay window. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza or your own version of a seasonal ritual, the festive season is punctuated by wholesome activities; consuming masses of food, cosying up with a Christmas film, and getting merry with family and friends. But before dreading  that post-holiday guilt due to the imminent extravagance, here are a few ways in which partaking in the festivities will help at least one of your organs, your brain!Read more…

Do you really like it? Social media on the brain.

Lauren Revie | 03.MAR.2020

Social media is something that has become commonplace in most of our lives – we wake up, we scroll the feed, we post throughout the day, like, comment, tweet and share. Most of us are familiar with the concept, despite social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook only coming into popular mainstream use in the last 15 years Read More…

Frauds, fear of failure and finances: The mental health problem in academia

Lauren Revie | 10.OCT.2019

Mental health is a hot topic at the moment – and it is about time. Around 1 in 6 adults will experience anxiety or depressionwith the number of people recognising suicidal thoughts increasing drastically.Read More…


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