Article Policies

Article Policies

Given the nature of the articles we publish, The Brain Domain has a few important policies to follow when writing a piece for our site. These include:

Reporting On Animal Research

As a field, neuroscience heavily relies on animal research in order to understand brain function and the countless brain-related disorders that affect us. . As such, we at the Brain Domain, often report on studies that involve animal research. We understand that this is a sensitive topic, which people rightfully care about deeply. So we would like to outline our stance on the issue and highlight some relevant resources.

The Brain Domain is based in the UK at Cardiff University. The majority of our team is funded by the Wellcome Trust and are members of the British Neuroscience Association. We at the Brain Domain support the stances held by each of these bodies and aim to only report research that uses animals in line with these policies. We will not discuss this topic each time it is mentioned within an article. Instead, we will end articles that contain explicit reference to animal testing with a notice linking to this statement, in order to provide our readers with further context and insight.


Use of Images

Many of our articles are accompanied by images. Images used on this website do not necessarily belong to the Brain Domain. We ask our writers to use royalty free images wherever possible.

While we have made every effort to use only original or open source images if you see an image being used without an appropriate citation, or you own the image and do not want us to continue using it, please contact us directly.

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