The Memory Banks

Welcome to the Brain Domain’s resource collection (a.k.a. The Memory Banks)! The internet is filled with very clever people creating wonderful resources to help others learn about different aspects of neuroscience, but there isn’t one place you can go to find them. Here we have collated resources we found particularly useful. This is by no means a finished list; content will be regularly added, and the structure will be updated when appropriate.

How to use our resource list

Below is a list of different topics that we have found important within the broader topic of Neuroscience. More will be added as time goes on. Each title links to a resource page, starting with a short description of what the topic is, followed by all the resources within that topic.  Have a browse and see for yourself:

Something we are working on:
On some of our pages, you will see  even more headings, to give you a bit more information about the type of resourceWhere appropriate, you will see subtopics indicated by titles in green, and also some symbols indicating the type of resource. Some pages don’t have this yet, because we’re still updating them, or they don’t really need them.

The symbols indicating the type of resource are:
Theorybanner will teach you core concepts behind a topic.
Toolsbanner will enable you to practically work on the topic.
Guidesbanner will teach you how to use tools, or relevant lab methods.
newsbanner are topic specific sites where you can track recent developments.
Nuggetbanner are miscellaneous resources that are still worth knowing about.

If you know about a fantastic resource we have missed, then we want to hear about it. You can contact us on the form below: just include your name, email address, a link to the resource, and a message explaining what it is and why you liked it. Also, please feel free to use this contact form to give us any feedback on these resources pages.