Rachael Stickland | 13 FEB 2017

Whatever you end up doing this Valentine’s day, we hope you enjoy this cathartic moan about your very closest companion, your brain. This poem is inspired by one from this film, but I didn’t have to tell you that, did I?  Please follow the links (underlined text) in the poem to learn more about the brain facts that grab your attention. 

♥ 11 things I hate about you, Brain ♥

I hate the way you’re soaked in blood
Taking more than your fair share
I hate that you ignore my touch
But get tricked by what’s not there

I hate your big dumb blood brain barrier
That closes off your mind
I hate that cars still make you sick
And that you make me rhyme

I hate your stupid fixations
with really annoying songs
I hate the way you speak in Latin
I hate it when you’re wrong

I hate the way you don’t remember
How things actually went
But mostly, I hate that your dreams aren’t real
Yes brain, get bent.

 Tune in next year for another masterpiece, ‘12 things I hate about you, oesophagus’.

(Very helpfully) edited by Jonathan Fagg

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